About Us

Hi all! I am Mackenzie the owner of Mac's Topicals a small women owned CBD company from Sonoma County, CA. My products are all natural and vegan. I do not use any parabens, sulfates or gluten derivatives just simply ingredients you recognize. Here at Mac's Topicals I specialize in topicals such as balms and bath salts, but now we are adding tinctures, for you and your pets! We are proud to say we have eliminated all animal products from our topicals. Sustainability is also a key factor in our business. I use tins and reusable bags to hold our products. 


The Journey

Sinus cleansing infused bath bombs! Grea
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            I began making bud balms to help my mom with her plantar fasciitis in October 2017. She went from hardly being able to walk to going hiking with me in a matter of weeks. After seeing the amazing pain relief effects she experienced, I began making more and giving it to family and friends. I couldn't believe the positive reviews I was receiving immediately. Friends said the bud balms work for everything from arthritis to back pain to menstrual pains.  It was amazing hearing how the bud balms helped each person differently. 

              Soon after I began making bath salts. These have been such a hit. People, especially those on their feet all day, love to come home to a nice soothing foot soak. More recently I came out with bath teas, body scrubs, bath bombs (again) and much more. We also just released our paw balms for your furrbabies. Customers were already using our bud balm on their pets, however we created a formula just for them! This paw balm is free of any added fragrance and smells lightly sweet from the candelilla wax.

I feel like each release or adjustment to our products has made them such high quality that I am proud to shout it to the world. Switching from beeswax & coloring for bath salts to adding in more natural ingredients such as dried flowers and candelilla wax (a wax made from a succulent native to South Western United States and Northern México) was the best decision to create a more sustainable, cruelty free company.

                I have always wanted to do something where I can help others and improve their quality of life. I have big plans for this brand, there are so many ailments that CBD oil helps. This bud balm is letting me achieve my dream of helping others and there is so much more to come. Hopefully one day we will be able to connect or even create a non profit to help people in our communities. I hope my products helps you!