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Obsessed with Mac’s tinctures and bath soaks! Shared them with my family and they adore it all too. Also, appreciate the love and care she takes to create everything! It’s a labor of love that doesn’t go not noticed.



My dog Missyboo has been put on different kinds of vet medicine for pain. She acts lethargic and shakes, won’t eat.. I found this product at an apple blossom fair in Sebastopol ca. well thank goodness I did cause my baby girl is eating and acts like she’s 5 again. Missyboo is 17 now and stage 3 kidney failure. The vet gave her 6 months to live. On the pain meds the vet was giving me I was lucky if I had another month with her. Now we are going on 3 and a half months and she is doing amazing! Thank you so much for making this amazing product. If I can have her in my life for longer then 6 months and her quality of life is good, I’m so thankful for this product. I’ve had her sense she was a pup and it’s hard to think of life without her. Again I’m so great full. Thank you



I tried the CBD treats for my doggy Toby and it was a game changer for us! We were giving him prescription anxiety medications to do his nail trims but they would make his tummy upset. He LOVED the flavor of CBD treats and had the easiest nail trim, and no upset tummy! 10/10 recommend!

*From Woof Baked Goods*



I absolutely love your CBD sleep gummies! I've tried 3 flavors now now and they're all very tasty. And this product works. I've tried different CBD tinctures and gummies from other companies but none work like Mac Tropical's do. The ordering process online is quite user friendly and I get my product in a few days. Thanks for your commitment to customer satisfaction - I'll be sticking around for sure!



I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have refused pharmaceutical medications for years. The first day I used Mac's 1000mg CBD Oil, I was completely pain free! I now share with family and friends this amazing topicals for pain. Thank you Mac!!!! You have given my life back!



I found Woof Baked Goods a few years ago at SoCo Market. I have a pretty picky dog but he LOVES your treats. I recently purchased the CBD treats for my senior dog, Tito. Usually I have to hide the CBD treats in his food but not yours. He actually ate the treat straight from the bag & wanted more! If your dog has arthritis, is anxious, a senior (my dog also has a bad back), 4th of July, a bad traveler....I highly recommend CBD. I highly recommend these CBD treats. Thank you!

*From Woof Baked Goods*



Great remedy for a good nights sleep,, Highly recommend this sleep aid.



I love the pet CBD oil, My dogs love the taste and they both get a good rest!



Have been using their massage oil for several months an find it especially effective on joints, wrists, toes and also skin blemishes. Questions? Just call them or email and they get back to you. Very Helpful.



I absolutely LOVE the CBD sleep gummies, particularly the raspberry flavor. Not only do they taste amazing, but I also get the best sleep of my life without feeling groggy the next day!



Such a awesome product. I’ve shared with half dozen coworkers and they ordered this weekend. One coworker with Mid Thoracic spinal cord surgery scare, with constant pain, could walk with relief from his chronic spine pain.



Amazing products! Highly recommended. I ordered the lemongrass bud balm and the vegan CBD Sleep gummies. My partner and I workout a lot and quite often have muscle pain. The balm helps so much to release the pain off. I have trouble sleeping, the gummies help me to feel relax and started to have good night sleep. I asked the owner for recommendation before my purchase, I’m so thankful for her throughout explanation and got me the right stuff. Can’t say enough thanks for Macstopicals! Im going to recommend her product to all my family and friends!



Mac recommended her peppermint cbd oil roller ball for my plantar fasciitis and it is AMAZING! I use it all over my feet, ankles and calves after standing all day and it is immediately calming. I will definitely repurchase!



My favorite products are the muscle rub and the dog treats. I have noticed a difference in my dogs’ anxiety since I’ve started using them. I appreciate your quick delivery on my order too! Thank you!



I was looking for something to help me sleep, i found Mac's CBD at an outdoor market, thought i would try it. Works so well, i ordered more!! Maker is local!! Love it!



Excellent CBD for gentle help with sleep... at a price that seems more fair than other sources. Thank you.



Mackenzie is great at what she does! She has such a passion for not only her innovative ideas with CBD but also the care for others. My uncle suffers from horrible plantar fasciitis and her bud balm works wonders! Mac's Topicals has great products that live up to their promise- don't miss out!



My partner, Cristina, bought this (peppermint cbd oil for sleep) at Barlow a couple weeks ago. Very satisfied. Will buy more.



Ive used Mac's products in the past and LOVED them! After a car accident that left me in a lot of pain I remembered that Mac's has CBD tinctures. Buying from a small distributor, like Mac's Topicals, is the way to go. Not only were prices fair, the mail delivery was quick, and I can trust the product and ingredients. The CBD Tincture Non Flavored was really unflavored! No spicy taste, only a little hint of coconut from the MCT oil used. The product was really effective and I wish I ordered more!



Love love the CBD for my pup!! Super friendly women and a big help!



The only place I go to for Comfort and care. Beyond helpful!



Mackenzie is lovely and her product works wonders! My knee got inflamed (knee bursitis) and I wanted to go a natural route - and there was Mac's Topicals. I have been using the Peppermint Bud Balm and it's great! Thank you



I purchased some of Mac's Topicals at my local farmers market and WOW. I am a experienced CBD user and thought the varieties offered were awesome. I purchased the Mango CBD Sugar Scrub and its my favorite thing ever. Smells so good and moisturizes me skin so well, especially when used in the bath. The bath salts I purchased were also very nice. With my purchases I received a sample lip balm which is also incredible! Makes my sensitive lips feel so good, however, I do think either the lemongrass oil or the CBD has a little bit of a bitter-spicy taste. Looking to purchase more in the future for myself and friend!



I always go to Mac’s Topicals when I need a relaxing/tense muscle healing remedy. I use Mac’s bud balm for muscle pain & the bath salts for my swollen/ aching feet. Overall amazing service and products. Never disappoints!!



I only use these products. The bud balm saved my back! Much love.



Great use for sore muscles, swollen feet! After an epidural, I had such a stiff, sore neck, mac’s budbalm has worked so amazing for me! The product itself is a smooth, non-greasy texture and a little goes along way, no need to use a lot. The smell is light nothing too overpowering. Just massage it into your body wherever you’re feeling pain. I guarantee you, you will feel relaxed and comfortable! It has worked wonderfully for me and I can feel the difference each day.



Mac's bud balm and bath salt works like magic! My mom has been experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis for a while now, we tried everything to reduce the amount of pain she's going through but nothing worked....Until we met Mac's topicals products! After using both the bud balm and the lavender salt , the pain on her heels have reduced MASSIVELY! I am so happy and grateful that I found something that can actually help my mom live her everyday life without experiencing so much pain. Will definitely get some more once she runs out!!



I had plantar fasciitis so bad I couldn’t walk. I didn’t want to take a bunch of pills. I put Macs Bud Balm on my heel and I could walk all day. Now I use it for everything, aches and pains, burns, sunburn, mosquito bites, anything that hurts. I love it



I have horrible plantar fasciitis and when I reached out to Macsbudbalm they were quick to respond and very informative! They offered advice on what to buy and what I should expect. Whenever my feet are aching I just apply twice a day and within a day feeling sooooo much better!



This has to be one of my favorite CBD products. They all have wonderful scents, feel wonderful and actually work. I started noticing the benefits of macsbudbalm when I started using it for sore muscles after days of training, it has such a warm, soothing feeling. I also always use macsbudbalm for cramps, I think it works better than any over the counter pain medicines that I’ve tried; even ones specifically for cramps! 20/10 would recommend macsbudbalm (: I also love the glass containers and eco friendly tubes❤️



I found Macbudbalm and so happy I did. The feel and texture is smooth and moisturizing with out being greasy. The 👃 scents OMG 😀 amazing. Ive used mac bud balm for bug bites and for dryskin and when ever i wanna smell good and moisturize my hands and elbows. Great company . Coistomer service is good they respond back to questions quickly and my package arrived on time as promised. Give this product a try, you will be glad you did. 😀

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