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Behind the business


     Hello! I am Mackenzie the owner and creator behind Mac's Topicals. I am an experienced CBD user, with 11 years of experience with CBD specifically, 7 years of growing experience and 6 years of aiding others in their journeys with my products. I am an avid hiker, weight lifter and a very anxious person. Each of these are aided with CBD and that is not all!



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     I first sought out CBD to aid in my stomach problems including IBS as soon as I turned 18 and could buy CBD specific products. In late 2017 my mom had plantar fasciitis and was in a lot of pain in her day to day activities. I created the bud balm for her and within weeks she was hiking with me. I began giving it out to friends, family and anyone willing to try.


     Once the pandemic hit, I was just about to graduate with my degree in Global Studies and got laid off. With my degree I focused on development in the less developed countries around the world.  I still would love to work around the world in development projects, but I am grateful to be able to aid those in my community, especially in a time like this. I figured this was a perfect time to turn my passion into my career. I have always love helping others from a young age, and I have always had the goal to improve people's quality of life. My first market was a Community Unity event put on by activist in the BLM movement. These incredible women inspired and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. 

     Since then I have grown my business into what it is today. I began doing farmers markets and now I do markets, events and you can find my products in stores around Northern California. I have expanded to so many different products even ones for your pets! The journey is just beginning! Thank you for being here.



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My mission is to spread the amazing benefits of cannabinoids by creating all organic, plant-based products with the highest quality CBD. Sourcing fresh, organic raw materials and packaging in a sustainable fashion.


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To educate and show the masses that CBD and other cannabinoids are plant-based medicine that does not need alteration like pharmaceuticals. I hope to empower people through CBD and improve their quality of life.

Photo of the owner, Mackenzie, at her booth during a market

Store Policies


Thanks for shopping with Mac's Topicals.

No returns accepted. All Sales Final.


We do offer wholesale for retail. Please send an email to to inquire.

If it is a good fit, you will receive information containing products list, product description and pricing. 


All products are hemp-derived and legal in all 50 States in the USA.

Customs & White label

We offer custom scents and CBD dosages. Scents are depending on availability & may take longer if I need to custom order scents. Custom charges vary from $5-$30.

White label products not available for resale unless authorized by the owner of Mac's Topicals.

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