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CBD Dog Treats


2 options:

- 5mg CBD Pug-nana Treats ( recommended for smaller breeds

, less than 50lbs)


Give 1/2 treat to under 20lbs

1 Treat to under 50lbs

2 Treats under 75lbs


Organic banana, rolled oats, dog friendly peanut butter, coconut oil and CBD isolate

-10mg CBD Cheesy Carrot Treats ( recommended for larger breeds

, more than 50lbs)


Give 1/4 treat to under 20lbs

1/2 Treat to under 50lbs

1 Treat under 75lbs


Organic white cheddar cheese, Organic carrots, Flax seed, chia seeds, organic honey, water, GF flour, coconut oil and CBD isolate.

2 Sizes:

-10 count

-25 count


Dosing guide included on pack of package!


Partnered with Woof Baked Goods (@woofbakedgoods on instagram)


SAVE 15% with a subscription!


CBD Dog Treats

  • J........7:

    My old dog Charlee loves these treats! They help SO much with her back legs that have growths on them from old age.



    My girls have been using Mac's CBD cookies for about three months now. They have tried both flavors and enjoy them both, but they do have a favorite, cheesy carrot. Being a dog mom I want the best for my girls, and I have purchased many cbd cookies and after a while they won't take them. Happy to say, they both look forward to their daily CBD dose! I'm a satisfied dog mom because when I time it correctly we have w smooth car ride.

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