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3 pack of our CBD dog treats so your dog can try before buying a big bag!

2 options:

- 5mg CBD Pug-nana Treats ( recommended for smaller breeds

, less than 50lbs)


Give 1/2 treat to under 20lbs

1 Treat to under 50lbs

2 Treats under 75lbs


Organic banana, rolled oats, dog friendly peanut butter, coconut oil and CBD isolate

-10mg CBD Cheesy Carrot Treats ( recommended for larger breeds

, more than 50lbs)


Give 1/4 treat to under 20lbs

1/2 Treat to under 50lbs

1 Treat under 75lbs


Organic white cheddar cheese, Organic carrots, Flax seed, chia seeds, organic honey, water, GF flour, coconut oil and CBD isolate.

2 Sizes:

-10 count

-25 count


Dosing guide included on pack of package!


Partnered with Woof Baked Goods (@woofbakedgoods on instagram)

CBD dog treat sampler

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